GalliumOS 2.x for VirtualBox & VMware

The information on this page is depreciated. While it should technically still work, GalliumOS 2.x is not actively maintained and the same goes for this image. I currently have no plans to make a GalliumOS 3.x image. Use at your own risk.

If you want to run GalliumOS in VirtualBox or VMware casually or to try it out, stop reading now. This is not for you.

GalliumOS doesn’t play nice with VirtualBox or VMware, which is fine for end users because it’s not made for VirtualBox or VMware, it’s made for Chromebooks. That said, it’s unfortunate for me, because I don’t really like doing development work on a Chromebook. That’s why I’ve built GalliumOS for VirtualBox & VMware, premade VirtualBox and VMware appliances that you can import so that you can run GalliumOS inside a VM on your main computer. I know I sound like a broken record, but I repeat: This is not a way for normal users to casually try GalliumOS in VirtualBox or VMware. This is a way for developers and hackers who are interested in working on GalliumOS to have a GalliumOS environment to build and test in without having to do it on a Chromebook.

GalliumOS for VirtualBox is a version of GalliumOS made for developers who want to hack on GalliumOS without having to do devwork on a Chrome device. Please note that this is NOT meant to represent the GalliumOS experience, and it is not meant for end users. This is also not an official GalliumOS build and should not be treated as such. GalliumOS for VirtualBox is built on top of Ubuntu Server, and includes most of the software that is included in a default GalliumOS install. It also includes the Firefox web browser, the Atom text editor, VirtualBox drivers, an Nginx web server daemon, and an OpenSSH daemon. The GalliumOS kernel is included, but will not boot as it is known to cause issues with VirtualBox. Instead, this uses the default Ubuntu kernel. GalliumOS for VirtualBox has full access to all of the GalliumOS Xenon repos, including the prerelease and testing repos. You can update the VirtualBox to the latest version without losing any data at any time by simply running GalliumOS Update.


CAUTION: Remember to re-initialize the network cards MAC addresses during or after importing the ova file. Failure to do so can result in being unable to connect to the network or internet.

Latest VirtualBox ova version: 20160525 – Download

VBox md5sum: 087f6f33d347048688c4d4c46d9a9a0d  galliumos-2-virtualbox-20160525.ova

Latest VMware ova version: 20160527 – Download

VMware md5sum: 278a69230293c21202ce8c84b3a1e7d0  galliumos-2-vmware-20160527.ova

I have set up some mirrors in case your download is too slow or you need another mirror…
Roubaix, France –
Quebec, Canada –

Latest package version: 20160526
Not every package version has an ova version to go with it. Download the latest ova version and run GalliumOS Update to get the latest package version.


Screenshot from 2016-05-23 23-04-45

I’ll add some more screenshots later.

Looking for GalliumOS 1.0? The old page has been archived here.