Yes! The ColtonDRG.com Mirrors service hosts mirrors of various other projects, as well as my own personal projects. There are currently two mirrors optimized for better downloads depending on your geographical location.

na.mirrors.coltondrg.com – North America – Quebec, Canada

eu.mirrors.coltondrg.com – Europe – Roubaix, France

Both mirrors offer HTTP (and HTTPS) support as well as RSYNC support for some projects. More information about a given mirror’s RSYNC support can be found on that mirror’s RSYNC Info page.

The following projects are currently hosted at ColtonDRG.com Mirrors at both locations:

If you have a project that is in need of mirroring and you would like me to host a mirror of it, please do not hesitate to contact me at coltondrg at coltondrg dot com and I will look at it. I am currently not hosting projects that require more than 100 GB of disk space.

GalliumOS.org also points their own domains to my GalliumOS mirrors as per their official mirrors policy. Those are found below.

qc2.ca.mirror.galliumos.org – North America – Quebec, Canada

rb1.fr.mirror.galliumos.org – Europe – Roubaix, France