Princess Kitty Cupcakes


Hello. My good friend, who goes by the screen name of Princess Kitty Cupcakes, has recently started live streaming games on Twitch. I of course want to support my friends, plus I find his streams pretty entertaining, so if you like live streams, you should totally check it out.

The stream is embedded below for your convenience, but your browser needs HLS support for it to work. πŸ˜‰

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So, there’s this cool thing called twtxt, and I made one, because I can. twtxt is a command line plain text based microblogging system. It generates a plain text file that is easily readable. You can follow people and view their “tweets” from your client. It’s like Twitter for hackers! Anyway, I think twtxt is pretty cool so I’m using it now. Continue reading “twtxt”